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About Tamiflu:
"All in all, Tamiflu can give the very symptoms you’re trying to avoid.
More serious symptoms included convulsions, delirium or delusions, and there were 14 deaths in children and teens as a result of neuropsychiatric problems and brain infections (which led Japan to ban Tamiflu for children in 2007). I
The Swine Flu scare has truly come from nowhere. Not two weeks from the first cases of Swine Flu in Mexico had the UK government researched, written, designed, printed and distributed a swine flu pack to every home in the country. Now, in a frenzy of media propaganda, the government has spent hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers' money on Swine Flu vaccines- two for every person in the UK - and there are plans for priorities being given to pregnant women and children; and even talk of mandatory vaccinations. If you would like to know the facts of the vaccine so that you can make an informed decision as to what goes into your body, please read on.

The last swine flu vaccine, produced in America during the last recorded outbreak of the virus in 1976, caused 25 deaths and was linked to Guillain-Barre syndrome, a paralysing muscular disorder. There are many other dangers in the new vaccine, which this article will cover; but importantly, this new drug is virtually untested.

Concerns that the vaccine could trigger life-threatening side-effects among the population at large seem a big risk for the pharmaceutical companies who are profiting so heavily from this hysteria. But they have covered themselves. The UK government has been forced to accept legal liability for the swine flu vaccine. Ministers have taken on all the risk for the 60 million doses they have ordered from GlaxoSmithKline and the Baxter group, after both firms said they would refuse to produce it unless legally protected. (The Times published this information on their website, and well over 100 people added their comments to the footer of the article on the website. Within hours, all of the comments had been removed and further commenting blocked.)

It's not just that the Swine Flu vaccine hasn't been proven to be safe or effective. It contains a number of ingredients that are already known to be extremely harmful.

What Is Squalene Oil?

One ingredient in particular makes the mercury and formaldehyde contained within the vaccine seem like good health tonics!

Squalene Oil was contained in the anthrax vaccinations given to the troops in the gulf war. It is thought to be the cause of gulf war syndrome, which has crippled 1 in 3 of the 685,000 service men and women from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia that were vaccinated. In October 2004 a U.S. Federal Judge ruled that there was good cause to believe Squalene Oil to be harmful, and he ordered the Pentagon to stop administering it. This hasn't stopped the pharmaceutical companies from including it in products that will be injected into the veins of hundreds of millions of people.

Micropaleontologist Dr. Viera Scheibner conducted research into the adverse effects of adjuvants in vaccines and wrote: Squalene "contributed to the cascade of reactions called Gulf War syndrome. GIs developed arthritis, fibromyalgia, lymphadenopathy, rashes, photosensitive rashes, malar rashes, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, abnormal body hair loss, non-healing skin lesions, aphthous ulcers, dizziness, weakness, memory loss, seizures, mood changes, neuropsychiatric problems, anti-thyroid effects, anaemia, elevated ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, deadly Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Raynaud's phenomenon with paroxysms of lack of blood in fingers and toes in fingers and toes, Sjorgren's syndrome with blurred vision, chronic diarrhea, night sweats and low-grade fever."

Gary Matsumoto is a New York based award-winning investigative journalist. His 2004 book, "Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our Soldiers and Why GIs are Only the First Victims" took sharp issue with the IOM (Institute of Medicine) and Pentagon's denial of Gulf War syndrome. According to Matsumoto, today "Squalene adjuvants are a key ingredient in a whole new generation of vaccines intended for mass immunization around the globe. Squalene is not just a molecule found in a knee or elbow - it is found throughout the nervous system and the brain."

When injected in the body, the immune system attacks it as an enemy to be eliminated. Eating and digesting squalene isn't a problem; but injecting it "galvanize(s) the immune system into attacking it, which can produce self-destructive cross reactions against the same molecule in the places where it occurs naturally in the body - and where it is critical to the health of the nervous system."

Once self-destruction begins, it doesn't stop as the body keeps making the molecule that the immune system is trained to attack and destroy. Matsumoto says "Squalene is a kind of trigger for (a) real biological weapon," what Soviet researchers called "a biological time bomb." He and Dr. Pam Asa conclude that "Oil adjuvants are the most insidious chemical weapon ever devised," including ones with squalene. And this is being used by pharmaceutical companies as a vaccine booster.

There are now data in more than two dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers, from ten different laboratories in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, documenting that Squalene based adjuvants can induce autoimmune diseases in animals, observed in mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits.

Matsumoto's book includes numerous case studies of GIs afflicted with one or more of the above syndromes, their devastating effects, and the outlandish US government reaction failing to acknowledge their existence or a connection between them and administered vaccines (also denying the effects of other toxic Gulf theatre exposures (like depleted uranium) as well as withholding meaningful treatments or protocols).

There is plenty of information on Gulf War Syndrome, readily available on the internet. A total of 37 countries took part in the gulf war. Only 4 countries (UK, USA, Canada and Australia) gave their troops the vaccination. Only troops from these 4 countries have experienced gulf war syndrome. GI's have been reported as saying they would rather have died in battle than experience the suffering they have experienced from the vaccination.

The Mercury and Formaldehyde Are Whole Other Stories

Mercury is one of the deadliest poisons on the planet. The Department of Defence classifies mercury as a hazardous material that could cause death if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Thimerosal is a mercury-containing compound that is used as a preservative in vaccines. It contains 49.6% mercury by weight. Data has indicated that this toxic heavy metal is responsible for a drastic increase in autism and a mass of other neurological disorders (speech delays, attention-deficit disorder, seizures and hyperactivity) among children. It has also been linked to brain degeneration and cardiovascular disease. Studies indicate that mercury tends to accumulate in the brains of primates and other animals after they are injected with vaccines. Although these facts were covered up for a long time, it is now generally accepted in the public domain that mercury is a deadly poison; but drug companies continue to use it in vaccines.

Formaldehyde is used for purpose of stabilizing the vaccine. In the industrial world, formaldehyde is used in the manufacture of plastics, plywood adhesives, resins, dyes, sugar, rubber and textiles. Its effects on the human body vary depending on how it is absorbed. It is highly toxic and some typical effects of Formaldehyde include weakening of the immune system, neurological system damage, genetic damage, metabolic acidosis, circulatory shock, respiratory insufficiency and acute renal failure. It is also a sensitiser, which means it can make you sensitive to many other things, and a suspected carcinogen. The latest verdict is, there is no safe level of formaldehyde for the human body, yet a very significant amount is used in vaccines.

Why these two substances are still allowed to be used in vaccines is a mystery. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. describes the collaboration between the government health agencies and the drug industry a "chilling case study of institutional arrogance, power and greed."

But These Are Men Of Science. We Can Trust Them, Right?

Pharmaceutical companies are huge, powerful companies, which only answer to private shareholders. They do not exist to serve public interest.

In a suspicious move, Baxter filed the patent for their Swine Flu vaccine at the US patent office on August 27 2008. That's a little short of 8 months before for the virus was even discovered - make of that what you will.

Their track-record contains other cases where with the benefit of doubt they would come off as negligent at best. In February 2009, Baxter International distributed 72lb of Bird Flu contaminated vaccine material to 16 labs in Europe under false labelling. It was mixed with a seasonal flu virus to create a much more dangerous strain. Baxter International adheres to something called BSL3 (Biosafety Level 3). This is a set of laboratory safety protocols that prevent the cross contamination of materials, created to avoid "accidents" like these.

In yet another recent case, last year at least 81 people were killed by Baxter International's contaminated blood-thinning product, heparin. The contaminated heparin also seriously injured hundreds of others and it was revealed that the factory of Baxter's Chinese supplier had never been inspected by either American or Chinese public protection agencies.

Furthermore, more than 50 dialysis patients died in 2001 because of faults with Baxter International equipment, and this month Baxter Healthcare Corporation, a subsidiary of Baxter International, reached an out of court settlement of two million dollars with the State of Kentucky. Baxter had been caught inflating the cost of intravenous drugs sold to Kentucky Medicaid by as much as 1,300 per cent.

Where Are The Governments In All Of This?

While governments are keen to appear to be effective against threats to life such as terrorism, statistics prove prescription drugs are 16,400% more likely to be a cause of death than terrorists. According to the groundbreaking 2003 medical report Death by Medicine, by Drs. Gary Null, Carolyn Dean, Martin Feldman, Debora Rasio and Dorothy Smith, 783,936 people in the United States die every year from conventional medicine mistakes. That's the equivalent of six jumbo jet crashes a day for an entire year. Why neither the media nor the government report on this or act on this is hard to say. The international drugs market is extremely valuable. This is high level politics and economics.

Wayne Madsen, a former US Naval Intelligence officer and now an investigative journalist, points out that "past Swine Flu outbreaks have been spread from pigs to humans, who then passed the flu on to other humans. However, with AH1N1, there have been no reported infections of pigs. In fact, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), AH1N1 has gene segments from North American swine, bird and human flu strains and a segment from Eurasian swine flu". Put that together with the fact that pharmecuetical companies applied for patents on vaccines before the virus was reported, and it gives food for thought.

Some commentators go on to suggest that this is all a Problem-Reaction-Solution event: Create an engineered swine flu virus and release it (Problem), use the media to hype it up so people become scared even though so far it's no more dangerous than regular flu (Reaction); then introduce the swine flu vaccine (Solution). (A similar model can be applied to The Credit Crunch).

However, this is conjecture. Back to the vaccine.

What Should I Do?

Swine Flu is not a deadly threat. The WHO pandemic rating is based on the geographical spreading of the virus. It says nothing about the threat to life of the virus. In fact, Swine Flu is a fairly mild strain of flu.

Our recommendation is that you fortify your immune system by taking the normal, common-sense lifestyle and dietary measures that we all should be taking anyway. If you wish to learn a little about Swine Flu itself and the simple steps you can take to protect yourself, we recommend you read our article about it - just click here.

Our intention is to reject the vaccine, get as much good information to all of the people who are being pushed into receiving this dangerous drug and deserve the facts, and to fight strongly against any plans for a mandatory vaccination, should they arise.


All of the information contained within this article has been sourced from books, medical journals, articles and websites to present you with what, at the time of writing, we believe is accurate and relevant information. Any opinions expressed are those of the author. Nothing contained herein is a replacement for medical advice from a competent and well-informed medical professional.

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